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February 11, 2013- monterey media congratulates two-time Grammy award winning, American indie pop band Fun. winner of Song of the Year and best new artist at this years Grammy awards. Their music can be heard in monterey's ensemble comedy "The Kitchen" available April 9th Digital Download, DVD and VOD.

"A delightful, sometimes profane, often painfully honest ensemble comedy. Think Empire Records, but with less 90s jeans and a smaller set. The comparison rings true not just in the fact that both films have great ensembles of young, talented future-stars, but that both films feature a soundtrack that rocks.
Clever and fun
"-Film School Rejects

About "The Kitchen"
Jennifer (Laura Prepon) is turning 30 and her best friend, Stan (Matt Bush), is throwing her a party. But she is in no mood to celebrate. She just left her job, as well as her cheating boyfriend, Paul (Bryan Greenberg). Her cynical little sister (Dreama Walker) is threatening to overshadow the whole affair with the most inappropriate party announcement, and she is pretty sure she's too old to still be living with her creepy roommate.

What starts out as a well-intentioned day of celebration quickly spirals into a most ill-fated disaster, from an ex-boyfriend who "can't get enough" to the bands dueling in the backyard; disloyal friends showing their true colors and a manic-depressive party photographer seems to have forgotten to take his meds.

In this ensemble comedy set entirely inside a kitchen, turning 30 has never looked so comically chaotic!

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