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Austin, TX (November 1, 2015) - monterey media proudly announced today that it has acquired North American distribution rights to the highly anticipated indie drama, Memoria starring Sam Dillon, Thomas Mann, and James Franco, which had its world premiere at the Austin Film Festival. Based on the short story penned by James Franco, Memoria was written/directed by Nina Ljeti and Vladimir de Fontenay, and produced by Rabbit Bandini Productions and Burn Later Productions with The Art of Elysium. monterey media plans to release the film in 2016 in theaters across the United States. Memoria will mark the third film in monterey's release lineup in conjunction with The Art of Elysium and Rabbit Bandini Productions following the much touted Yosemite and Forever. 100% of the funds from these films go to The Art of Elysium, a non-profit organization that is committed to healing the world through art by recruiting, supporting and encouraging artists to give back to individuals and populations in need to bring the arts to hospitalized youth, elders and the homeless community by using their creativity and artistry.

"James and I are thrilled that MEMORIA is the second film to be released with the Rabbit Bandini/The Art of Elysium partnership. These films are so special to us because it brings together our passion for giving young, talented artists such as Nina and Vlad the chance to create, our love for philanthropy and our production company. We couldn't be happier to have Monterey supporting this vision with us." commented Vince Jolivette, Partner, Rabbit Bandini Productions

"We're thrilled to have monterey media distribute this compelling coming of age story. They recognize the potential of this film and will help bring it to a wider audience." added Jennifer Howell, Founder, The Art of Elysium

"Austin Film Festival is the ideal venue to announce the theatrical acquisition of Memoria and the perfect audience to appreciate the Memoria premiere. Our past experiences with the Art of Elysium and Rabbit Bandini Productions has been outstanding. That coupled with Harrison's incredible team in Austin is a win/win for us all." commented Jere Rae- Mansfield, CFO & Managing Partner, monterey media.

The deal was negotiated for monterey media by Scott Mansfield and by Vince Jolivette and Jennifer Howell on behalf of the film.

Synopsis- Memoria
was written and directed by Nina Ljeti and Vladimir de Fontenay. Produced by The Art of Elysium and Rabbit Bandini Productions, the film stars Sam Dillon, James Franco, Thomas Mann, Teo Halm. Based on the short story penned by James Franco, Memoria tells the story of Ivan Cohen, an anti-social, self-conscious boy living in the suburbs of Palo Alto, CA. Unable to get along with his dysfunctional mother and stepfather, he retreats to a world of military combat in the confines of his bedroom, struggling to find his place in the world and dreaming of his father who left before he was born.

About monterey media inc.
monterey media is celebrating over 30 years as an exclusive distributor of quality independent films. It is a privately owned entertainment industry company specializing in uniquely curated distribution and marketing for independent films. monterey media films have been nominated or won the Independent Spirit Award, Golden Globe Award, and NAACP Image Award, and includes film premieres at Sundance, TIFF, SXSW, and the Tribeca Film Festivals, as well as being included on (the late) Roger Ebert's 10 Best Independent Films list.

About The Art of Elysium

The Art of Elysium is a non-profit founded in 1997, by Jennifer Howell, that works to make art a catalyst for social change. This full circle model promotes creative services between the arts community and communities in need throughout Los Angeles and New York City. For volunteer artists, providing opportunities to utilize their talents in service reinvigorates their unique creative footprint while providing a deep sense of fulfillment. For those in need, participation in the arts promotes empowerment, learning and emotional relief. The Art of Elysium supports and acknowledges its volunteer artists by providing platforms to showcase their creativity affording a model of high sustainability and outreach capacity.

About Rabbit Bandini Productions
Rabbit Bandini Productions is a film production company which aims to support independent filmmakers with the creation of groundbreaking narrative, documentary and multimedia content. The company was founded in 2003 by actor/filmmaker James Franco and producer/writer/actor Vince Jolivette.

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