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monterey Acquisition Heads to Maui, One Peace at a Time

June 1, 2009 Thousand Oaks, CA- monterey media is honored to announce the acquisition of award-winning filmmaker Turk Pipkin's One Peace at a Time, an inspiring feature documentary highlighting solutions to some of the world's most pressing problems. The film includes the insights of Nobel Peace laureate Muhammad Yunus, Nobel Physicist Steven Chu, (President Obama's Secretary of Energy), Dr. Helene Gayle (CEO of CARE, International), American legend Willie Nelson and many others, while featuring the music of Bob Dylan, Jack Johnson, Ben Harper and more.


The clever and tireless Pipkin sought the answer to one basic question: Can we provide basic rights - water, nutrition, education, healthcare and a sustainable and peaceful environment -to every child on earth? As Desmond Tutu reminds him, "Remember the sea is actually made up of drops of water. What you do, where you are is significant. In Africa they say 'There is only one way to eat an elephant - one piece at a time'".

Building on critical and audience acclaim for his film, Nobelity, Turk Pipkin (The Sopranos) continues his global journey of knowledge and action with One Peace at a Time. While Nobelity dealt with global problems, One Peace at a Time focuses on specific solutions. The goal is to create a virtual roadmap to a better future. The solutions Pipkin chronicles include the model Indian orphanages of The Miracle Foundation, family planning initiatives with Thailand's Mechai Viravaidya, Ethiopian water projects with A Glimmer of Hope, and Architecture for Humanity¹s global design challenge for communities in need in the Himalayas, the Amazon and the slums of Nairobi. One Peace at a Time is an opportunity for individuals, businesses and foundations to reach out and actually change the world.

"Right and wrong is not that hard. It's just what you choose to do."
-Willie Nelson, One Peace at a Time

The film has been accepted as an Official Selection of the 10th Annual Maui Film Festival taking place June 17-21. One Peace at a Time joins Nobelity, 10 Questions for the Dalai Lama and PEEL as monterey releases chosen to screen at the festival, whose commitment it is to present compassionate vision in life-affirming films.

The 3rd Annual Weekend of Unity & Peace will feature One Peace at a Time as the catalyst for a weekend of individual events designed to bring our communities together in a celebration of understanding, unity, tolerance, peace, and oneness. monterey media, with the support of The Nobelity Project, has set this year's events to take place October 24th and 25th. The Nobelity Project collaborates with Nobel laureates and other inspiring leaders to provide reliable information and innovative thinking on pressing global problems and solutions that work. Combining professional filmmaking with a nonpartisan, nonprofit education program, their work reaches a broad cross section of people interested in making a difference. monterey media will distribute all rights in all media in the United States and Canada. The DVD is currently set to release on October 27th.

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