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Ripple Effect Takes Top Honor at Boston Film Festival

June 24 2008, Thousand Oaks, CA- monterey media is delighted to report that Ripple Effect, directed by Philippe Caland, received the highest honor at the Boston International Film Festival. The festival, which celebrates the art of filmmaking by promoting the world s most artistic and creative independent and experimental films, awarded the Indie Spirit Best Picture Award to Ripple Effect at its Closing Night Gala Party & Awards Dinner.

Ripple Effect, starring Forest Whitaker, Virginia Madsen, Minnie Driver and Philippe Caland, tells the story of hip clothing designer, Amer Atrash, who is perpetually on the brink of success. Now, with time running out, he is undergoing a crisis in his business and in his marriage. Soul searching, he attributes his misfortune to bad karma from a wrongdoing committed fifteen years ago and sets out to right this wrong, experiencing a spiritual awakening in the process.

In addition to an accomplished film festival run, Ripple Effect is currently playing theatrically in select theatres across the nation.
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