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Scott Mansfield

Scott Mansfield founded monterey media and has been distributing acclaimed Independent films for over 30 years and, among other honors, was the first distributor chosen by the American Film Institute to distribute its films into home entertainment. Recent monterey media films, many starring award-winning actors such as Susan Sarandon, William Hurt, Martin Landau, Isabella Rosselini, Marcia Gay Harden, Ellen Burstyn, Forrest Wittaker and David Strathairn have garnered a Golden Globe nomination, an Indie Spirit nomination, an NAACP Spirit Award nomination, and include a film selected by Roger Ebert as one of his 10 Best Independent films.

Beginning his career in New York city as a performer and then graduating to theatrical producer, Scott relocated to LA and, as a filmmaker, films Scott wrote, adapted and/or directed have been accorded numerous honors, among them several CINE Golden Eagle, numerous Parents Choice Awards, five Telly Awards, and two Bronze and two Silver Awards from the Houston International Film Festival.

Having vast experience as both a filmmaker and distributor Mr. Mansfield's opinion on independent film distribution is often valued by the trade magazines in print, seminars and for reporting purposes. In addition, he is often a noted panelist and guest speaker at film festivals.

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