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March 28, 2008 Thousand Oaks, CA- monterey media is pleased to announce the acquisition of The Sensation of Sight, an Either/Or Films production starring David Strathairn. The Sensation of Sight is a compelling and beautiful film, mesmerizing film festival audiences world wide and continuing to garner altogether sterling critical acclaim. Golden Globe and Academy Award® nominee David Strathairn also sits in the producer’s chair alongside his longtime manager Madeline Ryan. On the topic of Strathairn's participation in the film, Jere Rae-Mansfield, CFO of monterey media inc. enthusiastically remarked, "On the heels of our tremendous success with audience favorite Steel Toes, we are thrilled to have the opportunity to distribute our second film starring David Strathairn.”

“The most compelling American Indie I’ve seen in years…its strengths are Herculean and its artistic aspirations incredibly notable. Throw in Strathairn’s great performance and you have an indelible first feature…Graceful, intelligent filmmaking...”
- Warren Etheredge, The Warren Report

A fusion of dream/reality, this off-beat drama contemplates relationships, communication, and the meaning of life as it follows Finn (Strathairn), a middle-aged English teacher whose involvement with a tragedy has left him asking the age-old question, “Why?”  Leaving his family and career, he sets about selling encyclopedias to town locals, including Dylan (Daniel Gillies of Spiderman 2), a former student who’s estranged from his father (Scott Wilson of Monster) and sister (Elisabeth Waterston of The Prince and Me); Alice (Jane Adams of Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind), a waitress and single mother with whom he has a brief and awkward romantic encounter; and Drifter (Ian Somerhalder of Lost), a musician grieving the death of his brother (Joe Mazello of Jurassic Park). The interaction of these characters affects and alters each of them, ultimately leading Finn to an unexpected and sublime awakening.

monterey media will be distributing all rights in both US and Canada. The film is scheduled for a late summer art house theatrical followed by a winter DVD release.

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