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171 Minutes
ISBN# 1-56994-532-2
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EAN #978 156994 532 2
2 Audio Cassettes

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20,000 Leagues Under The Sea

2001 National Parenting Publications Awards (NAPPA) – Gold Award
2001 Parents’ Choice – Silver Award

“The keen dialogue of the adaptation and abundant sound effects provide tantalizing imagery, sometimes beautiful and sometimes terrifying.”

This Jules Verne science fiction classic comes alive under the drama and power of the multicast production and will appeal to all ages of listener.
- Reviewers Bookwatch

Presented by the St. Charles Players

A Jules Verne Classic. Embark on a sensational journey into the unknown aboard the incredible submarine Nautilus. Explore the dangerous depths where creatures inhabit lost cities and shipwrecks reveal a mysterious world of adventure known only to the men of the Nautilus and their brilliant, cunning and reclusive Captain Nemo.

Faithful in adaptation to the source literature, monterey soundWorks was founded on the principal that a full scale audio dramatization using multiple actors, original music scores and digital sound effects created a full entertainment experience for the listener in a manner that can never be achieved by a single voice narration in a typical books-on-tape production.

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