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The Hunchback Of Notre Dame

"Superbly showcased into a memorable, very highly recommended, "theatre of the mind" experience for the listener. This is a multicast, theatrical dramatization wonderfully performed."
- Reviewer's Bookwatch

"A sparkling adaptation. Highly Recommended."
- Randy Pitman -Video Librarian

"A must have for middle or high school libraries. Students will be enthralled by the excellent telling of this tale. A superb radio theatre style rendition of this classic tale."
- Reviewer's Bookwatch

Adapted from the classic

Presented by the St. Charles Players

Victor Hugo's classic. From the shadows of the great tower, a misshapen man tolls the bells. Amidst the haunting recesses of the magnificent Cathedrals, he peers down upon the city, the Paris where he can never belong. And yet he longs to be among them, longs for the beautiful gypsy dancer whose kindness toward him pierced his heart. The story of a man abandoned by man, perhaps abandoned by God, only kept alive by the faintest hope of romance, is played against the tragic backdrop of revolution.

Faithful in adaptation to the source literature, monterey soundWorks was founded on the principal that a full scale audio dramatization using multiple actors, original music scores and digital sound effects created a full entertainment experience for the listener in a manner that can never be achieved by a single voice narration in a typical books-on-tape production.

2 audiocassettes

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