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175 Minutes
ISBN# 1-56994-526-8
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Suitable for ages 12 and up
2 Audio Cassettes

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The Virginian

"Sweeps listeners into the beauty of Wyoming in the late 1800s. Cast superbly, the performance raises the quality of the written piece to make it a strong addition to monterey's growing collection of audiobooks on literary giants"
- Today’s Librarian

"The Virginian showcases this classic of the western genre. It is well scripted, keeping the novel's original flavor with the cast's collective cohesiveness flabbergasting the audio listeners with this tale. I would be cold-blooded if I didn't seem in awe of their audio task. monterey soundWorks pulled the impossible from the hat and made this audio production seem easy."
- Bennet Pomerantz, AUDIOWORLD

- Video Librarian

"A full cast dramatization keeps this Western story fast-paced and involving. The dramatic recording style makes for a wonderful presentation."
- Reviewer’s Bookwatch

Presented by the St. Charles Players

Adapted from the Owen Wister classic

Owen Wister's enduring classic. Medicine Bow, Wyoming. The Western frontier was a lawless land ruled by the gun. Riding the rugged rangeland is a Southerner with peace in his heart, a soft-spoken and fair man, but a man with a fast draw, a straight shot, and a need for justice. And then into his heart rode the beautiful young lady from the east.

Faithful in adaptation to the source literature, monterey soundWorks was founded on the principal that a full scale audio dramatization using multiple actors, original music scores and digital sound effects created a full entertainment experience for the listener in a manner that can never be achieved by a single voice narration in a typical books-on-tape production.

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