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139 Minutes
ISBN# 1-56994-520-9
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Suitable for All Ages
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Three Musketeers

Best Audio Ficton Abridged - 1999 Independent Publisher Book Awards

"With swelling musical background and the clash of swordplay, the St. Charles Players bring back the feeling of radio theatre in their rendition of the classic tale by Alexandre Dumas. The players voices emit every nuance required to let listeners experience the swashbuckling deeds of the famous heroic threesome.
- School Library Journal

"Outstanding example of a classic receiving high drama in audio."
- Reviewer's Bookwatch

"The St. Charles cast brings energy and gusto to Dumas classic."
- Booklist

Presented by the St. Charles Players

Adapted from the Alexandre Dumas classic

Alexandre Dumas' original adventure novel. One for all and all for one! Crossed swords, intrigue, romance, and swashbuckling adventure accompany literature's most famous swordsmen as they set off on an action-packed journey to save nothing less than the throne of France.

Faithful in adaptation to the source literature, monterey soundWorks was founded on the principal that a full scale audio dramatization using multiple actors, original music scores and digital sound effects created a full entertainment experience for the listener in a manner that can never be achieved by a single voice narration in a typical books-on-tape production.

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