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Description: 2 programs to entertain and educate young kids from the wonderful world of Mother Goose and a “herd” of fanciful animal friends.

A Quiet Evening with Mother Goose
Jack and Jill, Christopher Robin, the Owl and the Pussycat, and especially YOU are all invited to our playroom to share some of Mother Goose's favorite poems! We'll hear about Isabel, and Sylvester and Eat-It-All Elaine. And we'll play in the sandbox, go up in a swing, and set out to sea with pirates! But be careful - don't let the bears see us walking in all the squares!

Poetry by Edward Lear, A.A. Milne, Robert Louis Stevenson and more!

Includes the following:
"If I Were King", “The King’s Breakfast”, “A Mortifying Mistake”,  "The Swing", "The Three Foxes", “Sylvester”, "The Gingham Dog & The Calico Cat", “Missing”, “Lines & Squares”, “Adventures of Isabel”, "Pirate Story", “The Owl and The Pussy-cat”, “Eat-It-All Elaine”, “Halfway Down”, and "The Four Friends".

A Zooful of Poetry
Lions and tigers and bears, oh my! And elephants, rhinos, and even baboons! Come for a fun-filled tour of the San Diego Wild Animal Park while at the same time you'll be enjoying a pack of poems - or is it a herd of verse? - all about animals! We promise you a grrr-eat time!

Poetry by Rudyard Kipling, Edward Lear, Ogden Nash and more!

Includes the following:
“ Zoo-ological”, “The Big Baboon”, “Young Gazelle”, “Tortoises”, “Covering the Subject”, “Hunting Song of the Seeonee Pack”, “The Duck & The Kangaroo”, “The Ostrich”, “The Hippopotamus”, “Giraffes”, “A Night with a Wolf”, “The Brown Bear”, “A Penguin”, “The Plaint of the Camel”, “The Grynch”, “Gunga”, “The Elephant”, and “See the Monkey”.

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DVD Features:
Top 11 Natural Habitat Zoos
Story of Mother Goose
Games & Fun
Abecedarian Animals

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