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Title Index (Title Images, Title Info, Press Releases, etc.):

Title and Graphics Information
Look in "Titles-and-Graphics-Information" for specific titles.

Each folder contains images and catalog information for the title. Most folders will contain:

1. Catalog information for Theatrical
2. Catalog information for DVD
3. High-resolution images (flat and 3-D) appropriate for catalogs (sometimes "CMY" in file name)
4. Medium-size lower-resolution images (flat and 3-D) appropriate for e-mail ("MED” in the file name)
5. Lower-resolution images (flat and 3-D) appropriate for web sites ("WEB" in the file name)

There may be additional files as well.

The images without "MED" or "WEB" in their title are large, high-resolution JPEGs with CMYK (we have been renaming these with "CMY" in their name, but haven't gotten to all of them yet). These high-quality images are appropriate for printing in catalogs etc. We have determined that most art departments know how to reduce the quality as necessary. Note that you cannot view these images -- they are appropriate for printing and not for viewing on the screen. If you would like to see what it is like before you download it, choose the similarly-titled "WEB" version in the same subdirectory.

Temporary files (Ads and Large temp files):

Temporary Files
This directory is intended as a location for customers of monterey media to have a place to upload information.

The primary purpose would be for files which are extremely large and would therefore be unwieldy or impossible to handle in e-mail.

Files in this folder should be considered transient; they will probably not be kept for very long on this site. The purpose of this site is to offer a "temporary location" for the files to be transferred before they are downloaded to computers internal to monterey media.

Please contact if you have further questions.

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