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Women First & Foremost
Vol. 1: Remember the Ladies

Women First & Foremost
Vol. 2: Touching the Clouds with Pen and Plane

Women First & Foremost
Vol. 3: A Lady in the Spotlight

Women First & Foremost

“An impressive choice for students and interested viewers.”

Written by: Roger Jacobs

Directed by: Scott Mansfield

Starring: Hosted by Academy Award Winner Rita Moreno and Dee Wallace Stone

From the first published American author, to the pilots who flew during WWII, there lies an underlying pride that has allowed generations of women to achieve their deserved place at the forefront of history.


Women First & Foremost Vol. 1 – “Remember the Ladies”

Imagine trying to become the first woman doctor, or being a slave woman who helped lead over three hundred others to freedom, or daring simply to write of an equality and a freedom that seemed so natural and yet was left out of the Declaration of Independence.

Women First & Foremost Vol. 2 – “Touching the Clouds with Pen and Plane”

Robert Shurtleff fought with the Fourth Massachusetts Regiment during the American Revolution, suffering at least two wounds in battle.  While this is hardly worth noting in our history books, what is worth noting is that Robert Shurtleff was a woman…a courageous young woman named Deborah Gannett who fought bravely disguised as a man.

Women First & Foremost Vol. 3 – “A Lady in the Spotlight”

Whether it is the first female film director, a leading Broadway lyricist, the first woman network co-anchor, or so many shining stars, we find example after example of women who fought the odds toward achievement and in doing so left a forever mark on the cultural development of society.

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