How To Be A Serial Killer

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Approx. 91 min.
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ISBN: 978-1-56994-347-2
Closed Captioned
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How to be a Serial Killer

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"3 Skulls. A lot of fun. Definitely check it out."

"How to be a Serial Killer is imaginative and intriguing, offering many points where the laughter blurts out. Dameon Clarke and Matthew Gray Gubler give impressive performances."

"How to Be a Serial Killer is constructed with a mean touch of genius. This is a dark comedy (and) belongs to the small family of other black humored horror comedies about killers; Dexter being obvious, as well as the underrated Coldblooded. Good stuff if you're just a little warped. Have fun!"

"Hilariously disturbing& slashingly funny."
- The Horror Review

"How to be a Serial Killer contains enough murder and subsequent blood flow to keep even the most hardened fan a little squeamish, but the crux of the film lies elsewhere. HTBSK is ultimately a dark comedy about two men. HTBSK is a smart film with smart writing lead by a smart serial killer."

"Brutal, funny and highly original, How to be a Serial Killer is one of those rare gems you never heard of but soon will. It is cold, satanic and darkly hilarious& had me laughing so hard my stomach hurt."

Written & Directed by: Luke Ricci

Starring: Matthew Gray Gubler, Laura Regan, George Wyner, Mary Jo Catlett, Gonzalo Menendez, Dameon Clarke

It's time to start listening to those voices in your head.

HOW TO BE A SERIAL KILLER is the story of Mike Wilson (Dameon Clarke), a charismatic, educated, and articulate young man who has found his life's purpose in exterminating...people. Determined to spread his message about the joy of serial killing, Mike recruits a lost soul named Bart (Matthew Gray Gubler) to be his pupil and leads him through his 10-step program which includes such quintessential lessons as: theories on corpse disposal, balancing work and play, practical methods of killing, and planning a getaway. Mike and Bart's curriculum is interrupted when Mike's girlfriend (Laura Regan) discovers what's beneath her boyfriend's charming exterior. Bart discovers that with determination, discipline and hard work, the great life he has always dreamed of is only a victim away.

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