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"Hurt is a great and scary horror thriller. This film shows us why Indie Horror exists...suspenseful terror."
- Best

"Hurt is a brilliant study in modern psychological terror. An unsettling, creepy, and downright inspired modern horror movie."

"A Tense, Sinister, Gothic thriller that slowly brings you to the edge of your seat and doesn't let up till the credits begin to roll. If you enjoy a good psychological thriller that leaves you gasping for breath."

"well-crafted thriller, fraught with simmering tension."
- Stephen Susco, screenwriter of "The Grudge"

Written by: Screenplay by Alison Lea Bingeman and Barbara Stepansky

Directed by: Barbara Stepansky

Starring: Melora Walters, William Mapother, Johanna E. Braddy, Sofia Vassilieva, Jackson Rathbone, Ava Gaudet

There are terrible things happening in the desert. Unexplainable, frightening things. Tragic, inexplicable incidents... ever since she arrived.

The Coltrane family's life has been devastated by an untimely death. Widowed Helen Coltrane (Melora Walters - "Big Love" ), along with her teenage son (Jackson Rathbone - Twilight) and daughter, are given shelter by her reclusive and quirky gun-loving brother-in-law. As they grapple with the reality of their shattered, altered life and twist of fate, coincidence steps in with a seemingly lovely foster child who appears touting a story that Helen's husband had pledged to take her in. And as they do, a macabre story of deception unfolds...

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