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Evil Has a Beautiful Face

"That '70s show star Laura Prepon is downright chilling in her portrayal of Karla Homolka. This movie is profound on many levels and its jarring look at anti-social behavior is right up there with Henry:
Portrait of a Serial Killer, Kids and Ken Park."

"Disturbing, yet compelling & downright chilling."
- MCG's movie picks

"Beware a film that will keep you up at night."

"Prepon and Collins, bear a chilling resemblance to the couple once dubbed "the Ken and Barbie killers"
- The Globe

Starring: Laura Prepon, Misha Collins

Written By: Michael D. Sellers, Manette Beth Rosen, Joel Bender

Directed By: Joel Bender

Winter -1990. The most notorious serial killers in the history of Canada begin their psychological dance with death and depravity as an entire country is held captive in fear. In stunningly acclaimed performances, Laura Prepon ("That 70's Show" , "Come Early Morning") and Misha Collins (TV's "24") breathe perverse life into their real life counterparts of Paul Bernardo and Karla Homolka, dubbed by an anxious press, the "Ken and Barbie Killers". As the gruesome events unfold, and lovely young girls disappear, the utter lack of remorse from Paul coupled with his quirky charisma paint a delusional world of normalcy for Karla. Police frantically search for and eventually put an end to the couple's horrific killing spree, and their trial captivates the entire nation setting off waves of controversy surrounding the brutal killings. In the end, this gripping, tension-packed film will haunt you forever, to ponder the psyches of two individuals in a tragically demented relationship & because it's true.

DVD Special Features
  • 5.1 stereo sound
  • Trailer
  • Laura Prepon Bio
  • Misha Collins Bio
  • Deleted Scenes with Director's Commentary
  • Beyond the Film
  • Facts Beyond the Film

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