Pearl Diver

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Pearl Diver

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One night changed them forever. Twenty years later, a night will change them again.

"4 Stars. Engrossing and spiritually uplifting - just may be the best film of the year!"
- Preview Family Movie Review

"Powerful...touches your heart...a must see film!!"

"4 Stars. Part murder mystery, part family drama, part love story. One of this years true gems."

"4 Stars. A beautiful movie!"
- Goshen News


"Poignant...intriguing...a powerful film"
- The

Written By: Sidney King

Starring: Joey Honsa, Amy Jean Johnson, Yevgeni Lazarev

Directed By: Sidney King

Pearl Diver is the story of two sisters, how they are haunted by the twenty-year old murder of their mother, and what happens when a farming accident rips away the layers of secrecy and buried trauma surrounding that night.

Marian is a young mother who lives in a remote farming community where she grew up, while her younger sister Hannah left the community to pursue a writing career in Chicago.

When Marion's six-year old daughter Rebecca is badly injured in a farming accident, Hannah returns home to help. As the two sisters struggle with the circumstances surrounding Rebecca's accident and how to pay for her medical treatment, their opposing worldviews drive them toward a penultimate confrontation and reconciliation over their shared past, a past that simultaneously divides them yet binds them together.

What they learn is that sometimes the secrets from the past can bring hope for the future.

Bonus Features:
- Deleted Scenes
- Thoughts from the Director
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