Wish on a Spell DVD

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Wish on a Spell

Available Now on Digital and DVD

"An utterly splendid DVD that grasps the imagination and holds it till the very end." 
- Prediction Magazine's DVD of the Month

Written By: Deborah Gray

Starring: Deborah Gray

Directed By: Ric Kabriel

Australia’s bewitching “Good Witch” and renowned ancient magick expert puts a charming spin on this fascinating guide into ancient witchery and spell casting in today’s modern world.

The world enchantress and internationally best-selling magickal author, Deborah Gray, (How to be a Real Witch, Nice Girl’s Book of Naughty Spells, Spells for all Seasons, How to turn your Ex Boyfriend into a Toad), takes us on a mysterious journey to Egypt, Europe and the British Isles, as she helps us master the true Craft of the wise.

The primeval art of witchcraft has suddenly come of age in this fresh, new and compelling magickal cinema format. Learn to weave charms for success and prosperity, understand Ancient Egyptian potions and goddess power, and how to weave magic when the phases of the moon align with the enchanted seasons.

DVD Features

  • Witches Weekend Featurette
  • Interview with World famous Astrologer Athena Starwoman
  • Limited Edition Collectible Bewitched Spell Booklet

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