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Under the Biltmore Clock

Best Literary Adaptation, Honorable Mention - TV Guide

"One of the examples of what 'American Playhouse' did best could be 'Under the Biltmore Clock'."
- The New York Times

"A checklist of this week's noteworthy shows: Set your clock - or VCR - to watch 'Biltmore'"
- People Magazine

"A Look at the Past Season, The Best We Saw... Honorable Mention: 'Under the Biltmore Clock'"
- TV Guide

- Video Librarian

It's 1920 and romance is in bloom at the Biltmore Hotel under its famous clock. For Myra Harper, age 21, it's time to stop "playing around" and find a husband, and the unsuspecting, handsome, shy and quite wealthy Knowlton Whitney is the perfect target.

Romance, it seems, will work quite well with Myra and Knowlton. For they fall in love and it's time to meet his outrageously eccentric family and the bizarre characters who inhabit Whitney mansion! Suddenly Myra is caught on a comic roller coaster of events trying to save her romance.

Sean Young takes a spin through this delightful PBS adaptation of F. Scott Fitzgerald's charming "Myra Meets His Family".

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