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An Evening with Edgar Allan Poe

Poet, short story writer, critic. Poe was all of these.
Successful master of both the story form and the language of poetry, his diversity and succes in the written word belying a fascinating, yet often unhappy life search.

Includes the following:

The Tell Tale Heart
A Journey In Verse

The Tell Tale Heart

2002 Bronze Telly Award
2002 Honorable Mention -National Parenting Publication Award
Parents Choice Award
Film Advisory Board of Excellence
2001 Ben Franklin award - Finalist

"For students ages 10 to adult, this video is first-rate, delivering more entertainment value than most educational titles. It is just the type of video a library would be expected to carry."
"This new production should find a welcome audience among students of Poe’s work."
– Video Librarian

"Edgar Allan Poe's eerie tale of murder and revenge is faithfully brought to life in this atmospheric drama. Period clothing and setting, creepy background music, and excellent acting make this well scripted dramatization an effective introduction to the classic story for students and others.
- Booklist

“Riveting telling of the tale truly captures the spirit of Poe’s most famous story.”
- Parent's Guide to Children's Media

Adapted for the Screen & Directed by Scott Mansfield (from the original Edgar Allan Poe story)

Starring: Michael Sollazzo, Robert E. Reynolds

“Madness, but will you say that I am mad”? Murder, perhaps you judge too soon. For when you hear my story, you will certainly understand why, very gradually – I made up my mind to take the life of the old man.”

True to the words of master storyteller Edgar Allan Poe, this stunning adaptation brings to life what is perhaps Poe’s best known short story. Murder, madness and betrayal from within interweave in this fascinating study into the mind of one driven by his won demons to take the life of another.

A Journey in Verse

KIDS FIRST!®® Endorsement
Film Advisory Board Award Of Excellence

”This video is a must for public libraries and ideal for junior high and high school-age kids.”
- Film Advisory Board President Elayne Blythe

”Brings the imagery and flowing patterns of Poe’s poems to life.”
- School Library Journal

Edgar Allan Poe was truest to his heart a poet. He has blessed American literature with some of the most striking and moving imagery ever created. His phrasing and lyricism have forever changed the landscape of poetic verse. Includes “The Conqueror Worm”, “To My Mother”, “Israfel”, “Annabel Lee”, “The City in the Sea”, “Eldorado”, “To Helen”, “The Haunted Palace”, “Evening Star”, and “The Raven”.

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