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Young Lady Chatterley

"The rarest element in sexy films is a good script, but "Young Lady Chatterley" has one" the sexy scenes are both tasteful and arousing" surprisingly faithful to the spirit of D.H. Lawrence.”


Featuring: Harlee McBride & Peter Ratray

Directed by: Alan Roberts

Cynthia Chatterley is young and beautiful, and a bit naive. She is about to embark on an incredible odyssey of sexual discovery.

Cynthia Chatterley also has a problem. She is about to inherit the wondrous Chatterley estate, but alas, the estate is quickly going to fall into foreclosure.

Now, how can a journey of erotic discovery lead her to a solution to keep the estate? Well, therein lies our story, which, by the way, is one of the most successful erotic theatrical films ever made.

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