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Bruce Brown Moto Classics Boxed Set
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Bruce Brown Moto Classics

Baja 1000 Classic

Thrill to the only motorcycle race footage never before on video from the sports most legendary filmmaker Bruce Brown (the Academy Award nominated “On Any Sunday”), in the second running of one of the most famous off road races in the world, the historic Baja 1000.

Professional racers, movie stars, and thrill seekers from around the globe, race across the rugged and unforgiving Mexican Baja peninsula, in 1000 miles of punishing test of man and motorcycle, dune buggies, 4-wheel drive vehicles, and even passenger cars in this exhausting and epic struggle against Baja’s grueling terrain and each other.

Larry Berquist, Larry Minor, racing legends Parnelli Jones, and Malcolm Smith all take part in this famous race.

Unearthed from the family vault, with Bruce Brown’s all new interviews and commentary, Wes Brown (Bruce’s grandson) and partner TJ Barrack bring three generations of the Brown family together to showcase the remarkable talent that forever captured the sport’s legendary riders.

DVD features:

  • About the Baja 1000
  • About the Riders

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