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Full Throttle Extreme

Written and Directed by: Jim Duffner

Starring: Mike Metzger, Tommy Clowers, Seth Enslow, Doug Parsons, Jeremy McGrath, Dan Pastor, Ricky Carmichael, Cary Hart and many more…with Ryan Capes, and Bubba Blackwell

Description: Sit back, hold on, and be amazed as these courageous athletes take to the air defying gravity… and reason.  This pulse-pounding dance with danger is fueled by the thunderous sounds of today’s hottest cutting edge bands.  Feel the rush as Seth soars over a dry ravine, or Metzger throws a gnarly 360.

Non-stop outrageous stunts, and awesome tricks, are the rule as rider after rider goes airborne flying upside down, side-ways, and off their seat, pushing the limits of fate, and reveling in the triumph. 

The ground is way down there… somewhere.

Special DVD Extras:

  • Riders' Career Highlights
  • Before there was “X”, There was Evel
  • The Bubba Blackwell Comeback Jump
  • Ryan Capes Record Leap

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