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Bruce Brown Moto Classics Boxed Set
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Bruce Brown Moto Classics

Hare & Hound Classic

“Two thumbs up! ‘Hare and Hound Classic’ is a video that any off-road racing enthusiast will enjoy. Brown’s use of a helicopter and quick editing make watching this video an awe-inspiring experience, and some of the best desert racing ever filmed.” - Inside Motorcycles

Thrill to the only motorcycle race footage never before on video from the sports most legendary filmmaker Bruce Brown (the Academy Award nominated “On Any Sunday”) as he captures the intense free flowing, and sometimes-chaotic action of cross-country motorcrosss, in the breathtaking Hare and Hound Championship held in California’s Mojave Desert in 1967.

800 competitors race across the desert, roar through narrow canyons, silt beds, and over hills as they deal with the unforgiving terrain.  Legendary riders J.N. Roberts, Buck Smith, and Larry Berquist are just a few of those that dared to test themselves against Nature’s intolerant wasteland.

DVD features:

  • About the Hare and Hound
  • About the Riders

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