Michael Michael Motorcycle

Having endured my fair share of Thomas The Tank Engine and Friends and Barney Sing Along videos over the past few years, I’m pleased to report the Canet Kids are now revved up by and riveted to dad’s kind of programming.  From our very first viewing of Michael Michael Motorcycle, it was apparent my 2-year-old son and 4-year-old daughter have found dirt-riding religion.

  On Any Sunday for children, this 30-minute DVD (VHS format is also available) is dedicated to off-road riding and racing, and features both bikes and quads.  As the story goes, brothers Billy and Johnny awake one morning to discover Michael Michael Motorcycle has converted the family garage into a bike workshop.  The Boys are full of questions, and Michael’s answers are friendly and informative.  Enduro, freestyle, motocross, mud-bogging quads and mini-bike racing footage accompany the narrative.  Michael also explains the basics of a dirtbike and stresses the importance of wearing protective gear.  The Elvis-esque theme song even had this dad humming along to its catchy beat.

  While adults may find the story line elementary, it’s not lost on the little ones.  And it beats the heck out of that purple dinosaur.    – Don Canet

Michael Michael Motorcycle, 30 minutes, $14.95;
Michael Michael Productions, P.O. Box 2765
Venice, CA 90294; 310 450-8032;

DVD Catalog #330862
Approx. 30 MIN
ISBN 1.56994.628.0
UPC 0 12233 30862 4
For kids of all ages
Encoding Worldwide

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VHS Catalog #33085
Approx. 25 MIN
ISBN 1.56994.333.8
UPC 0 12233 30853 2
For kids of all ages

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