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I Agree
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 1.I agree that I can show the film during the date(s) specified above. Arrangements may be made should I wish to extend the dates for my showings by contacting
 2.I agree to suggest a minimum price of $10.00 per adult and $7.00 per student.
 3.I commit to pay 50% of receipts (a minimum of $), for showings of the film. I understand that I will receive a payment envelope and standard invoice to be used in sending in my payment.
 4.I agree that I am responsible for all costs associated with the showing. This includes equipment, comp tickets to volunteers, advertising, tax, etc. I agree that any such costs shall come out of our portion of the proceeds and that monterey media inc. will receive 50% of all ticket monies received.
 5.Payment is due one week after my showings.
 6.I agree to return projection element one week after my showing(s) in its original condition.
 8.I will submit the dates of all showings to monterey media inc. If any of my dates change from what I originally submitted or I add additional showings, I agree to notify the monterey media inc. office.
 9.I agree to check my venue location information for accuracy on this film website, and to request any necessary changes by contacting the event coordinator by email.
 10.I do not have rights to make any copies whatsoever.
 11.No audio or video recording of the movie will be allowed at any of my showings and I agree to take measures to enforce this.
I Understand That

Please select "I Understand" to the below contract items.
 13.I can expect to receive the projection element no later than 1 week prior to my showing. Please test this element upon receipt.
 14.I understand that monterey media inc. is the exclusive US distribution company for the film.
 15.PAYMENT FOR THE FILM: Payment can be made via Check, Money Order or Credit Card For Checks - Please send and make Checks or Money Orders payable to: monterey media inc., 566 St. Charles Dr., Thousand Oaks, CA 91360 For Credit Card payments please NOTE: Credit card payments will be listed as monterey media inc. on your statement.
 16.I understand there will be a late fee of $25 if my payment has not been received by 10 days after my last screening date.
 17.I understand that I can find promotional information and materials as well as a downloadable poster to assist in publicizing my event on this film website under the "Now Playing" section. I understand that materials are only to be used in connection with the screening.
 18.I understand and agree that by submitting this contract and agreeing to the above terms and conditions, this becomes a valid agreement between monterey media inc. and myself/organization.

Thank you for your participation and we wish you a successful event!

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