Event Booking

Terms and Conditions
I agree that I am allowed to show the film for my single event. Arrangements may be made should I wish to include additional screenings, by contacting orders@montereymedia.com.  
I agree that I am responsible for all costs associated with the showing. This includes equipment, comp tickets to volunteers, advertising, tax, etc.
I agree to return projection element one week after my showing in its original condition.
I will submit the date of screening to monterey media inc. If the date changes from what I originally submitted or I add additional showings, I agree to notify the monterey media inc. office.
I agree to check my venue location information for accuracy on this film website, and to request any necessary changes by contacting the event coordinator by email.
I do not have rights to make any copies whatsoever.
No audio or video recording of the movie will be allowed at any of my showings and I agree to take measures to enforce this.
I can expect to receive the projection element 2 weeks prior to my screening. Please test this element upon receipt, and download any necessary drivers.
I understand that monterey media inc. is the exclusive US distribution company for the film.
I understand that I can find promotional information and materials as well as a downloadable poster to assist in publicizing my screening on this website. I understand that materials are only to be used in connection with the screening.
11. I understand and agree that by purchasing this screening and agreeing to the above terms and conditions, this becomes a valid agreement between monterey media inc. and myself/organization.
12. I understand that there may be print posters available for an additional fee of $20 should I require them. Please contact customer service at 805-494-7199 for questions regarding posters.