onterey Media is aiming to do well with three new titles by helping out good causes.

For The Blue Butterfly, one of Monterey's first theatrical releases, the company has crafted charitable tie-ins with Children's Cancer Research Fund, Children's Health Environmental Coalition, International Assn. of Butterfly Exhibitions, Kids First! Film and Video Festival, Make-A-Wish Foundation and the National Brain Tumor Foundation.

'We are letting charitable organizations use the film for fundraising;' says Monterey chief financial officer and managing partner Jere Rae­Mansfield.The company also is donating a portion of the DVD sales from its Web site that come through the organizations.

In return, the film gets exposure from the charities.The Children's Cancer Research Fund site, for instance, is selling the Blue Butterfly DVD before street date as part of a "Home Movie Party Kit" used for grass roots fundraising.

Blue Butterfly, which streets May 23 (prebook April 18; $24.95), stars William Hurt as an ento­mologist who travels to Costa Rica with a ter­minally ill I O-year-old whose dream is to catch the mythic and elusive Blue Morpho butterfly.

Monterey also has set-up charity tie-ins for Exonerated, which streeted in March, and Nobelity, now playing in theaters and due on DVD Aug. 26 (prebook July 25; $24.95).

Exonerated tells the true stories of six sur­vivors of death row. Its tie-ins benefit Amnesty International, American Civil Liberties Union and the National Lawyers Guild.

Documentary Nobelity looks at the world's most pressing problems through the eyes of nine Nobel laureates. DVD sales will benefit film­maker Turk Pipkin's The Nobelity Project as well as Amnesty International, Physicians for Social Responsibility, Habitat for Humanity, Alliance for Nuclear Accountability and United for Peace and Justice.

'These films are all out of the mainstream;' says Rae-Mansfield."And they're providing us with marketing opportunities not normally in the DVD vein with the chance to raise money for great charities:' • -Marcy Magiera




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