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“Nobelity” Press Release

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 Craig Baumgarten’s long time industry relationships coupled with Andrew Fogelson’s many years as an industry veteran and monterey’s  25 years as the industry’s premiere independently unique video distributor offer a great access to product and distribution channels alike.

Steven Weinberg ("Decisions")
Theoretical Physicist Nobel Prize for Physics, 1979

Rick Smalley ("Challenges")
Nanotechnology Pioneer

Nobel Prize for Chemistry, 1996

Dr. Harold Varmus ("Disparities)
Director, Sloan Kettering Cancer Center

Nobel Prize for Physiology and Medicine, 1989   

Jody Williams ("Change")
International Campaign to Ban Landmines

Nobel Peace Prize, 1997

Ahmed Zewail ("Knowledge")
Femtochemistry Pioneer

Nobel Prize in Chemistry, 1999

Wangari Maathai ("Persistence")
Founder, The Green Belt Movement

Nobel Peace Prize, 2004

Sir Joseph Rotblat ("Peace")
Nuclear Physicist/Disarmament Activist

Nobel Peace Prize, 1995

Amartya Sen ("Reason")
Professor, Harvard University/Author, DEVELOPMENT AS FREEDOM

Nobel Prize for Economics, 1998

Archbishop Desmond Tutu ("Love")
Head of South African Reconciliation

Nobel Peace Prize, 1984


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