I Am Comic

Through candid interviews and unprecedented backstage access, this documentary explores the world of the working comedian and reveals a funny psychological profile of its practitioners.


Arrogant Hollywood talent agent, Josh Ross (David Moscow) is sent to Guatemala to find Oscar-winning actor Jack Palladin (Ben Gazzara). Having never met, the search is emotionally complicated as the long-time retired star was once married to Josh's late mother.


With the approach of Christmas causing him to feel lonely in life and love, Robert Malone (Academy Award Winner Martin Landau) braves the wintery snow to arrive home from his job at the grocery store only to find a stranger (Academy Award Winner Ellen Burstyn) standing in his home.

Road to Nowhere

A determined young American filmmaker in Hollywood sets out to make a film based upon a "true" crime story involving an older North Carolina politico and his much younger staffer, who may or may not be his lover.

The Scenesters

Someone is killing beautiful, young hipsters hipsters in East L.A. But while the bloody trail is cold for the super-apathetic detectives investigating the murders, Charlie, a crime scene cleaner with a penchant for Sherlockian deduction working for the private crime scene cleaning company, Aftershocks Inc. begins finding some unusual clues in the demo CDs of indie bands left behind at the murder sites.

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