The Village Barbershop

Written & Directed By: Chris Ford

Starring: John Ratzenberger, Shelly Cole

Art Leroldi is terminal. Terminally irritable, that is. A small-time, cantankerous Reno barber stuck in a rut of haircuts, hot dogs and horse books, he lives every day like a warmed-over version of the last. Hit with the unexpected death of his long-time business partner and last apparent friend, he's faced with losing the only thing in life he's got left his man's man barbershop.

To keep it, he'll be forced to hire the last person on earth he'd ever want working there, a woman. More specifically, Gloria MacIntyre, a pretty, spitfire young lady who stubbornly finds herself unable to take Art's no for an answer.

This is the humorous, sweet story of a fading old man who's lost his way and a determined young woman looking to find hers. Two unlikely people offered a second chance in one unlikely place The Village Barbershop.

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